Deluxe Chocolate Box

I’m really proud of and pleased with today’s make, this Deluxe Chocolate Box made for a Christmas gift.

Heavily inspired by Angelina at Intatwyne Designs, Large Surprise Luxury Gift Box for which she has a tutorial here. I saw Angelina’s box and absolutely fell in love. I decided to wrap the chocolates I bought for my sister in the same style so I designed this box to fit them perfectly.

I changed the outer covering so that the sides fall down like an exploding box and I love the way you can see the red card underneath the black when the box is closed. It looks fancy. 🙂

You can’t see in these pictures, but I even lined the drawers in velvet – ohh super faaaancy!

Instead of paper flowers I bought soap roses to give a lovely smell too. I have loads more roses from the set I bought so plan to remake this box for Valentines, perhaps in a smaller size depending on what I have to put in it!

The roses were £11.97 from ebay for 81, you can see the set I bought here but it’s available from multiple sellers.

I hope you love this like I do. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Sam xx

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