Stationery Desk Organiser

Yay to everything having it’s place. I’ve seen quite a few people making desk organisers recently and it inspired me to give it a go.

I gathered all the things I reach for frequently and started measuring. A lot of measuring! It took all afternoon to create a mock version and then this final version in Pretty Peacock – my new favourite colour.

Although it took a while it was very relaxing and then rewarding when all the pieces came together like a puzzle.

It holds, paper snips scissors, 2 pens/pencils, a Take Your Pick tool, Tombow Mono liquid glue, Nuvo Crystal Glaze, several sheets of dimensionals, a tape runner and post it notes.

I’ve included all the measurements I used for this set below, as well the product list.

It took 3 12″x12″ sheets and 3 A4 sheets of cardstock to create the set.

Thanks for reading,
Sam x


Base: cut 28.5cm x 25cm. score 1cm and 11cm all sides.
Lid: cut 10.6cm x 7.6cm. score 1cm and 2cm all sides.
Punch with Classic Label Punch

Pen & Pencils
Base: cut 25.5cm x 23cm. score 1cm and 10cm all sides.
Lid: cut 9.6cm x 7.1cm. score 1cm and 2cm all sides.
Punch twice with 1/2″ Circle Punch

Take Your Pick Tool
Base: cut 21cm x 21cm. score 1cm and 9cm all sides.
Lid: cut 7.1cm x 7.1cm. score 1cm and 2cm all sides.
Punch with 3/4″ Circle Punch

Tombow Mono Liquid Glue
Base: cut 17cm x 17cm. score 1cm and 6.5cm all sides.
Lid: cut 8.1cm x 8.1cm. score 1cm and 2cm all sides.
Punch with 1 1/4″ Circle Punch

Nuvo Crystal Glaze
cut 17.3cm x 15.3cm. score 3cm and 6cm all sides.

Post It Notes (10.2cm x 7.6 cm)
cut 14.5cm x 11.5cm. score 1cm and 2cm all sides.

Base Tray
cut 25.5cm x 25cm. score 2.5cm and 5cm all sides.

Product List

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