Harry Potter Christmas Boxes: Suit and Tie dies

Coming soon, the dies I used to make these Harry Potter Hogwarts uniforms! Suit & Tie dies: does what it says on the tin! They are part of a wider suite that I already have my hands on, so I’ll be sharing some other ideas. I grabbed this on pre-order because as soon as I saw it I thought I could make these uniforms to decorate my Harry Potter boxes. Note that the red and green foil (and black glitter paper) I’ve used are only available for a few more days, then it goes on hiatus for 6 months!

My niece and nephews decided what house they want to belong to and their favourite character.

  • Noah picked Snape: Slytherin
  • Phoebe picked Hermione: Gryffindor
  • Austin picked Draco: Slytherin

I then went about making them themed boxes for Christmas, along with Hogwarts capes for their houses and wands for their characters.

For the contents of the boxes, Pinterest was my friend and I found some great printables such as activity and colouring sheets, chocolate frog boxes and Bertie Botts artwork.

I bought quite a few bits from ebay, but did do some more DIY making these bracelets and custom cards.

Here’s a peak at inside the boxes:

Lots of work but well worth it. Love how they turned out and they were well received.

Thanks for reading and come back in 2021 to see more makes and examples of the Suit & Tie dies. 🙂

Happy New Year!
Sam xx

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