Loaded Envelopes for Christmas

This Christmas I wanted to give me niece and nephews some cash as a present. However as a crafter I wanted to add a little bit of spice! I’ve seen loaded envelopes on Pinterest so had a general idea of what I wanted to do. So I bought a load of goodies, sat down in front of the TV with some paper and glue and started folding and playing. It was a bit trial and error but I came up with something that worked and make 3 with some Peaceful Prints patterned paper.

Definitely a fun way to give some cash and chocolates and they were well received. No pattern as I did very much make it up as I went along and specifically made for the contents. I see some more of these in my future though! Particularly as the supplies needed are so minimal.

Look how much I fitted in!

Thanks for reading,
Sam xx

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