Noble Peacock Trio of Gorgeousness

The Noble Peacock Suite! I was desperate to get my paws (or I guess hooves), on this set since I saw it in April. Now she is mine and these cards are the products of my first session.

I love the theme, I love the colours, I just love love love it. It’s my new favourite by far, though I know I’ve been saying that a lot!

As this was my first play, I really wanted to have a go at a bit of everything. I didn’t manage to crack into the DSP but I did use a bit of the beautiful foil.

There are tons of photos here, so not all shown full size. If you want to take a closer look you can click the images to see full glory 🙂

Colours used are Pretty Peacock, Blueberry Bushel and Old Olive.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in these cards and a lot of supplies used! Many of them are available in the Noble Peacock Suite Bundle so I’ve included that below, but also split out the individual elements.

I basically raided half my stash to make these cards and really made use of supplies I already had such as generic stitched die sets and lots of adhesive. 🙂 It also required a die cutting platform and stamping platform.

If you’re interested in any of the supplies you can use the links below to find out details and buy online.

Thanks for reading and come back soon,
Sam xx

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