Nuvo Drops – Love them!

Quick post to shout about my love for Nuvo drops, particularly Jewel Drops.

I’ve been using these quite a bit to add little embellishments to finish off my cards. They come in tones of colours and types (some are opaque, some aren’t) and I’m building up quite the collection.

I’ve used some acetate to practice using them and also as a reference sheet for what I have in my collection. Since doing this I’ve learned a better tip is to add them onto glue dots to have them ready to use as embellishments. I didn’t do that here, so a bit harder to get them off the acetate and then you need to add adhesive.

My Jewel Drop Collection

The Jewel drops are definitely my favourite as they’re transparent with a dash of colour.

With all types you can do different sized little drops with these but you do have to wait for them to dry. So it’s best to add them as a final detail and then leave the project overnight to set. Unless of course you do the aforementioned and make them in advance.

My current Nuvo collection and storage

I currently subscribe to the monthly subscription box Tonic Craft Kit. Nuvo is a brand of Tonic’s so they include mini drops and other supplies in their boxes. I’ve found this a great way to test and discover new products and also to build up a collection of colours I wouldn’t normally buy.

You can see from my current stash above the mini’s I’ve had out of the kits. I’m storing all of my Nuvo supplies in an acrylic nail varnish stand I bought from Amazon. I face it as I’m sat at my craft desk and it brings me joy and reminds me to use them!

The drops are usually a couple of pounds so i would definitely recommend picking one up to try out if you haven’t already. Join in the joy!

I’ll have another post soon showing how I’ve coordinated my current stash to my Stampin’ Up! ink colours. Ooo matchy matchy!

Thanks for reading,


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