Super Quick Custom Notepad

Very simple one today, how to use Designer Series Paper to customise paper pads. Also using patterned paper to wrap small gifts and give that wow factor. You can shop DSP at my SU here, also be sure to check out the Clearance Rack for a bargain.

Notepad front and matching wrapped gift

So, get your paper pads. I got 4 A6 size plain paper pads from The Range for £1. Then measure to get the dimensions. In this case 10 x 15 cm.

So in this example the pad is glued at the top so that’s where I want to cover. I add an extra 2cm to the height so that the extra length will cover the depth of the pad and have extra to securely glue to the back.

Time to cut, pick your pattern paper or Designer Series Paper as it’s called with SU products and cut at your new lengthened dimensions, in my case Width: 10cm Height: 17cm.

Place the paper on top of your pad and bend round to find your folds. I folded gently at the edges to make markers, then took the paper away and lined up to make sure they were straight and crease fully. If you have a bone folder this helps to get a crisp finish.

You could alternatively measure the depth of the notebook, score and then burnish but to be honest in this instance I think that’s more effort for not enough benefit.

Back of the notepad where the DSP is glued down

So you should have something that looks like this at the back only not glued down… so glue it down on that back edge, and you’re done!

You could of course add extra decoration such as sentiments, ribbon and embellishments, but in this instance I thought the paper shined on it’s own.

As Stampin’ Up! DSP is double sided, when you open your new cover you see the alternative pattern on the inside 🙂 As seen in the picture below.

I also used this paper to make a custom sized box for a small gift I’d bought. It would have worked just as well (and looked the same!) using as gift wrapping paper. Another idea for using DSP and a way to make a small gift that bit more special.

Inside the SDP notepad cover

I hope this post has given you some quick and simple ideas for your patterned paper or for little gifts. Again if you’re interested in purchasing some Designer Series Paper to try this out head over here to have a look at what’s currently available. Plus check the Clearance Rack for bargains. I recommend Tombo Mono Liquid glue as an adhesive but you can use a variety of things for this project such as other liquid glues, tear and tape or snail roller adhesive, check out SU glues here.

Fellow demonstrators, I am planning to make some tweaks and give these paper pads as customer gifts or with a catalogue request. Future post to follow with my examples but I’m sure your cogs will be turning with your own ideas already.

Thanks for reading and see you soon,


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