Fast Finder Bookmark – 2021 Annual Catalogue

I’ve updated my Fast Finder bookmark with details for the 2021 Annual Catalogue and of course showcasing the 5 new In Colours for 2021-23:

  • Fresh Freesia
  • Polished Pink
  • Soft Succulent
  • Evening Evergreen
  • Pale Papaya

I think it’s great for navigating the new catalogue, referencing the new colours as well as being an actual bookmark. This year I’ve changed up the design and included US size as well as UK. 🙂

The Notes side of the bookmark can be used for adding your own references to particular bundles or inspiration you want to find fast at a later date.

I think these are a great tool and a nifty introduction to the new colours in this catalogue. The measurements and product links for this project can be found below.


Measurements UK
2x Base: A4 length x 1-3/4″
2x Elegant Tag Punch Outs
Ribbon: 4″ or as long as you like!

Measurements US
2x Base: US Letter length x 1-3/4″
2x Elegant Tag Punch Outs
4″ or as long as you like!


  1. Cut your bases with two of the In Colours, round the bottom edges and glue together.
  2. Punch out with the Elegant Tag Punch for two of the other In Colours and glue to the top of your base on either side.
  3. Use the hole punch of the Detailed Trio Punch to make a whole at the top for ribbon. I find it helps if you make a mark in pencil at the middle so you can line it up.
  4. Print out the relevant PDF files below and trim, then round the bottom corners. Glue to each side.
  5. Tie on your ribbon and you’re done! You could also embellish with the In Colour Square Gems for some sparkly matchy matchy!


You can make your own reference guide or print mine off here:

Thanks for reading,
Sam x

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