So Very Vellum Creme Egg Box

Look familiar? So after making tons of cards, I decided to make a matching egg box! Of course I did.

So I bought a box of creme eggs – 5 – five(!) in a box by the way. Clearly there should have been 6, but I digress. I deconstructed the box and made it taller, but within an A4 sheet of card. Then I made the insert to hold the eggies steady. They were rolling around in the original box, so I would call mine an improvement. 🙂

It was a faff, but I’m pretty happy with the result. It holds 4 eggs comfortably and I added a magnetic fasten which is always super satisfying to play with.

The fifth egg, what happened to it? Well I don’t like creme eggs so husband if you’re reading this you can have it now. You’ll have to wait until easter for the others. So does my husband read my blog? Time will tell! Place your bets!

Thanks for reading,
Sam xx

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