Tonic Craft Kit 25 Make

New Baby Candle Lantern Boxes – TCK 25 – Blue Blossom.

I almost forgot about these! How dare I. Tonic Craft Kit 25 featured dies to make little lanterns. Either 3, 4 or 5 sided. Very clever. I decided 4 sided was most practical for me and happened to perfectly fit these little candles in!

Although called Blue Blossom, the card and papers in the kit were a mix of blue and pink. So I made one in blue and one in pink. 🙂 I think they’re both cute but the blue is my favourite.

For the candles I used Witty-cisms stamp set from Stampin’ Up! which were the perfect size for the candles. The little windows for the lanterns also came in the kit and show off the sentiment wonderfully.

I’ve not had any problems burning these, but as always wouldn’t leave a lit candle unattended. They’re so pretty though that they’re nice just as decorations too.

If you search “stamp on candle” you’ll find tons of information on this technique. It’s super simple. All you need is tissue paper, wax paper and a heat gun which is also used for heat embossing, so well worth adding to your stash. You stamp onto the tissue paper, cut around it and place it on the candle where you want the image to be. You cover it with a piece of wax paper big enough to cover the image and any extra tissue. The wax paper should be wax side against the tissue. So when you then heat it with the heat gun the wax on the paper melts, covering the tissue and adhering it to the candle.

I hope you like it and it gives you some inspiration if you got this kit yourself.

Thanks for reading,

Supplies used from Tonic Craft Kit 25:
Exclusive – Lantern Box Die Set – (23 Dies)
Exclusive –Lantern Box Blister Set – (10 Blisters)
Classic Card – Ballet Pink – 1 Sheet – 9089E
Pearlescent Card – Princess Pink – 1 Sheet – 9515E
Speciality Paper – Pink Petals – 1 Sheet – 9884E
Glitter Card – Cobalt Blue – 1 Sheet – 9953E
Pure Sheen Sequin Pot – Pink Tutu – 1146N
Mini Crystal Drop – Shimmering Rose – 2983N
Mirror Card – Blue Obsidian – 1 Sheet – 9479E
Speciality Paper – Midnight Sky – 1 Sheet – 9885E
Pure Sheen Confetti Pots – Bluebell Hearts – 1070N
Embellishment Mousse – Victorian Blush – 835N
Tools – Tweezers – 986N

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