Interchangeable Welcome Home Frame

I made this little sign to hang in my hallway. The “O” in HOME is interchangeable and so far I’ve made two alternatives, a cat (of course) and a pumpkin for Halloween.

The plan is to make more alternatives for throughout the year, Christmas, my birthday, Easter etc. It would make for a wonderful wedding gift for someone with a themed “O”, or a house warming present.

Here’s the pumpkin alternative.

Here is the cat alternative. I needed to put the moon behind for attaching in the correct place.

To create the brick effect I used the Stampin’ Up! decorative mask with Nuvo expanding mousse in Hammered Copper. The expanding mousse reacts with heat to raise and give, well in this case, a brick-like texture!

Iris insisted on modelling yet again. She’s turning into quite the diva.

I’ve seen this idea around Pinterest a lot and executed in a lot of different ways using hooks and velcro etc. I decided to go for magnets as the click is just so satisfying, it’s neat and doesn’t damage the card like velcro can.

I also created a little pocket on the back of the frame to keep the alternative O’s when not in use. Handy!

Here it is in situ in our hall. When I come and take my coat off it’s right there to make me smile. 🙂 Almost time to change it to pumpkin!

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Sam xxx

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