Tonic Craft Kit 19 Make

Hello Beautiful Compact Mirror – TCK 19 – Sweet Sentiments.

So I decided to try something different with this make from Tonic Studio Craft Kit 19, and it almost worked! I’ll show you what I mean by that. Anyhoo I got the idea after picking up some craft mirrors from The Range. You get 6 for £1 so super cheap and they come as circles and squares.

I basically winged it after that. Feeling adventurous I measured, cut and glued my little heart out to make this folding case. I matched the “Pink Champagne” cotton paper with mirrored card from the Moonlit Rose 6×6 pack. I then decorated using the stamp and die sets from the kit, the Rose Triad embellishments and a little tickle of the Dusty Rose Vintage Drop for the “i” in beautiful.

All that was left was to figure out a closing mechanism. “Velcro!” I thought, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. The cotton paper stood no change against the hold of the velcro and basically ripped 😦 As you can see below.


Still, it was a fun experiment and it actually stands up nicely on it’s own. So next time I’ll skip the velcro and just call it a freestanding personal mirror 😉

Freestanding Personal Mirror TCK19

Supplies used from Tonic Craft Kit 19:
Exclusive – Verso Sentiment Die Set (20 Dies)
Exclusive – Verso Sentiment Stamp Set (12 Stamps)
9407e – 6 x 6 Card Packs – Specialty Card – Moonlit Rose
9811e – Hand Crafted Cotton Paper – Pink Champagne
1038n – Mini Vintage Drop – Dusty Rose
1039n – Mini Gem Pot – Rose Triad
206n – Glue Pen – Smooth Precision
199n – Nuvo Tape Runner – Solid

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