Tonic Craft Kit 14 Make

So the theme of this kit is right up my street, but in reality it’s been my least favourite as the colours just seem to clash for me and it’s difficult to create something polished.

This is the best I could some up with using TCK 14 Pet Window Frame. Binx and Iris looking out the window at a blackbird and goldfish… coz you put goldfish outside on window sills… I know I know. It makes no sense.

I did really enjoy the Nuvo Mini Crystal Drops in Ebony Black that was included and used for the cats noses, so I’ve since bought a full size bottle of that for my rather sexy Nuvo collection. The cats eyes I struggled with as nothing was in the kit, so I used a blue glitter Nuvo mini I got in another kit.

I also liked using the construction acetate, not just for the window but also the goldfish bowl 🙂 That will come in handy for some shaker cards in future, but not sure how much I’ll use the rest of the kit.

Supplies used from Tonic Craft Kit 15:
Pet Window Die Set (20 Dies)
Craft Perfect – Classic Card – Oyster Grey – 9012E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Classic Card – Bright White – 9016E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Classic Card – Chocolate Brown – 9025E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Classic Card – Denim Blue – 9050E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Classic Card – Clementine Orange – 9071E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Mirror Card – Black Velvet – 9474E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Speciality Card – Bronze Labrynth – 9831E – (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Construction Acetate – 9600E (1 Sheet)
Craft Perfect – Foam Pads – 9751E (1 Sheet)
Nuvo – Mini Crystal Drops – Ebony Black – 1030N (1 Bottle)

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