Curious Moose Crafts Room Tour 2019

First video. Welcome to my world, my happy place, my craft room!


Since this is my first video, there’s obviously a steep learning curve and some rookie mistakes were made. So no changing camera angles in future and I hope you don’t get seasick!

No I hadn’t just run up the stairs, I have no reason for being out of breath – it was the first and only “take”.

It’s IKEA furniture galore and then a lot of the acrylic storage items are from Amazon. My sign arrived two days ago from Vistaprint so figured it was the right time to film the tour. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Kallax 1 – Rainbow Joy

Matchy matchy! Stampin’ Up! colour co-ordination is everything, the card, ribbon and ink is just the beginning. I don’t get into it in the video but there are embellishments, punches and dies matching stamps, designer patterned paper that matches everything. It just makes me so happy. *wiggle*

Kallax 2

I’ve decorated with some wedding items and bits and pieces but a few things left to do. In the video I mention the blank wall ready for pictures and pin boards, but I also have various domes and glass jars waiting to be filled with pretties. Future projects just waiting to happen.

Pringle, Iris, Binx and my new cards ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t discuss in the video but I just got some cards made for swaps at a meet up in April. I also have pictures of Binx and Iris on my desk (they cameo in the vid) and my late puddle Pringle. The picture of Pringle is the last one I took of her before she passed at the grand old age of 18, with filters applied to create what I think is a stunning memorial of her.

Fountain pens are another hobby of mine, and so they get their own area to shine. The ink bottles are so pretty. It really makes the room a special place to be surrounded by my favourite things.

Fountain pen inks and a tickle of greenery!

I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you inspiration for your own happy space ๐Ÿ™‚ Sam xx

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