Rainbow Hexagon Box

Quickest of posts to show this custom box I made for a gift. I bought a hanging rainbow sun catcher for my up line Sam from Pootles Papercraft. She loves rainbows and I wanted to send a little gifty when cashing in a stash of vouchers she had sent me over the past year.

When it came to creating a box, I was a little stumped as generally it meant folding up the sun catcher. This tall hexagon box is what I came up with in the end. The hook at the top of the sun catcher is linked into the lid so that it hangs within the box. A nightmare to photograph but hopefully you get the idea!

I used a much smaller box I had as a template and adjusted the measurements specifically for this. I then just matted different coloured cardstock on top of the box to add to the rainbow…ness.

I of course had to send with a matching rainbow card and had been saving the below for the occasion. Super simple and quick to do but still one of my favourites.


Thanks for reading,
Sam xx

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