Eurovision Makes – Part 2: Thank You Cards

Part 2! Cards. 10 cards for 10 guests with 10 letters spelling out EUROVISION! Huzzah! The aim of this was for the group picture (see bottom of the post). I thought it was novel 🙂

Thank you card

So a lot of the same supplies here as yesterdays post on Part 1. With the addition of some retired (or soon to be) products. I’ve added these into the product list anyway for reference.

I used some of the leftover custom DSP I made for the gift boxes as a matting later for the letters. Got to make use of those scraps!

Below is evidence of whole set and a picture of the Euro crew on the night. This was midway through after several drinks. It took a while to get them in order but we made it in the end 🙂

Euro crew – took a while but spelt it right in the end!

Until next year! Well for Eurovision. Will be back in a few days with another blog post.

Thanks for reading,
Sam x

Product List

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