Suit Wedding Groom Card

This is the wedding card I made for my groom last year – purple to match his suit! Ok yes I should have added the waistcoat with hindsight but I forgot :O

I got the idea of doing a suit card from browsing Pinterest posts like these. But started from scratch, had a play and worked out the how-to myself.

The buttons are circle punched, black embossed and sewn with thread (attention to detail hey).

The is …tied with ribbon (obviously), pulled through the front of the card.

The suit jacket was eyeballed for measurements and then used a bone folder to curve the lapels.

If I was to do another I would certainly add the shit collar too as i think that would make a big difference. If you give it a go please share your creations and learnings!

Labyrinth theme inside using Kindred Stamps

We had a masquerade theme for the wedding inspired by my most favourite film Labyrinth. So for the inside I used a stamp set from Kindred Stamps. They do lots of cool pop culture references, I have Hocus Pocus and Star Wars yet to play with. Exciting!

The images are coloured using Tombow dual tip markers mixed with some water to give a watercoloured effect. Or does it count as actually watercoloured?

Then that’s that really! So shirt collar next time and wish I’d added the matching waistcoat too. 🙂

My photo skills have improved since I took this last year! Thankfully.

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