Terraforming Birthdays

The birthday season has continued! Next up was my lovely new hubby Dan who lurves his board games. One of his favourites is called Terraforming Mars so I used that as inspiration.

The pieces are true to size and I used Nuvo drops to give a bit of texture. Dan has had his original pieces replaced with 3d versions, so I found someone from BoardGameGeek.com with a similar set up for some inspo.

Bought some square beads from ebay as the player pieces and superglued on. 🙂

Inspo picture from (carbon_dragon) on BoardGameGeek.com

Due to the depth this meant I needed to make a box envelope. I’ve gotten quite handy at these now and can make them to measure from memory. So a new skill acquired. Huzzah.

The overall card could do with some polishing, but generally I was pretty pleased with how it came out. Particularly as one of his presents was a Terraforming Mars t-shirt 😀 Matchy matchy!


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